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email roadmap

Professionals not only write decent emails. They know when and what needs to be sent. To make your life easier, Email Factory provides a roadmap of tasks and maps each task with essential templates. If you are uncertain about which emails to send and when to send it, please follow our Email Roadmap designed to suit your business life cycle.


A. Demo Video on Email Factory Tool

Watch this 2min video to see the actual behavior of our tool. Link: https://youtu.be/nk2EwvV2q-U

B. Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of using Email Factory. Please read this statement before signing up.

C. Construction Project

Construction Project Management Process Cycle/Tasks with Email Mapping

D. IT Project

IT Project Management Process Cycle/Tasks with Email Mapping

E. Expat Life

Expat Life Expat Relocation Preparation (Visa, Housing, School, Family Medicare etc.) with Email Mapping

F. Recruitment

Job Application Process with Email Mapping

service package

1-Year Service
49 .50
  • Available for 365 days
  • Unlimited access to email generation tool
  • Over +100 templates plus new ones added every month
  • Refund Policy: Please be aware that Email Factory does NOT provide free trial period. There will be NO REFUND once the payment is made.

  • 40% discount offered for group purchase of 20+ users. ($27/user)
    Please contact helpdesk@emailfactory.biz for detail.

  • Payment transcations are securely processed by PayPal.

  • Prices are indicated in U.S dollar.
  • about us

    Struggling to write the first line of your email?
    Uncertain about what email to send for the task you are conducting?
    Want to write email in professional tone?
    Spending hours searching for templates and customizing them?

    Don't worry! You are not alone. There are numerous people in the same shoes.
    All you need is someone to write emails for you while you become used to this communication environment and we will do this for you!

    Email Factory will provide:
    1. Ready-to-Send email generation tool for over 100 indispensable emails. Just fill in a simple form, then we will produce your email on-the fly!
    2. Roadmap of tasks with mapping emails for project management and business processes

    Our ultimate goal is to endeavor your work productivity and competency by:
    1. Speeding up your communication
    2. Producing emails with professional wordings
    3. Providing roadmap of emails for your business task cycle
    4. Saving your time consumed on paraphrasing your message so you can concentrate on other important tasks

    Join us today and become the expert communicator at work!!

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